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Petition Please bring back nhs funding for fertility treatment in South Norfolk.

Over the years families have got a few cycles of ivf on the nhs. This has reduced from a few cycles now to zero. I am so disheartened as we were waiting for the doctor to refer us before Christmas. We had to await blood tests. After Christmas our GP tells us that nhs is now not funding this!

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Please bring back ivf funding in South Norfolk to help people who are trying to start a family.I feel if it comes to needing this my husband and I will not be able to afford to become parents. This saddens us deeply as we are a hardworking couple (like many others) and pay tax every month but where is this money going? We live in Norfolk but work in Suffolk so due to a postcode we can only be referred to Level 2 (further tests) but where to we go after that? we can't afford thousands of pounds

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