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Petition Stop Lancashire's tragic library & museum closures by proper government funding.

Lancashire County Council have had their government funding cut by a further £262million & are now only able to provide statutory services. As a result of funding cuts, 40 libraries & several important museums across Lancashire are to close. Lancashire's (& Britain's) history is being thrown away.

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The library & museum closure programme;
• is a disastrous decision for both Lancashire & the North West
• County Museum Service has been carefully & professionally built up since the mid-1970s,
• consider likely response of bodies such as HLF who have invested £millions,
• was regarded as one of the finest public library services in Western Europe,
• libraries are community hubs,
• closure of 40 libraries challenged under 1964 PLMA legislation
• over 100 libraries lost last yr, 441 since 2010

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