This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Guarantee long term funding for the UK's only LGBT domestic violence charity.

Broken Rainbow is the only national charity exclusively working with LGBT victims and survivors of domestic violence. They are currently at risk of closure due to lack of funding security. We want the government to commit to secure and long term funding for this and other specialist DV services.

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In 2015 Broken Rainbow had it's previous 4 year funding renewed for only one year (in which it helped 10k clients) and it has not had new funding confirmed yet. Only funding year by year is short sighted and doesn't allow a charity to plan for the future. The service they provide is completely essential given that:
-Trans people are often excluded from general DV services.
-There are only 35 refuge beds for men.
-LGBT survivors have unique needs and issues not met by many general DV services.

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