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Petition Debate a vote of no-confidence in Iain Duncan Smith, head of the DWP

As head of the DWP, IDS has overseen devastating and unjustified welfare cuts and policies for the most vulnerable in society. Many poor and disabled people have suffered poverty, worsened health and even death as a result of his department's actions. IDS has proven himself unfit for his position.

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My own partner and I have suffered financial hardship and emotional distress as a result of our treatment by IDS's DWP. Social, local and national media is filled with thousands of similar stories. Millions of poor and disabled citizens have been deprived of the means of affording their basic needs, forced into debt and poverty, and seen their health deteriorate, during IDS's tenure. If IDS is allowed to continue, the quality of life for many will continue to drop, with often fatal consequences.

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