This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Penalise any MP who jeers or shouts during a speech by any other MP.

During any debate in the House of Commons we feel that there should be no shouting or jeering by anyone whilst an MP is speaking. We feel that this is unsatisfactory behaviour by our elected MPs and unbecoming of a member of parliament.
We demand that there be a penalty imposed by way of expulsion.

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Upon witnessing many debates in the House of Commons it is very off putting when members of the house shout and jeer over the top of someone attempting to speak and put their point forward.
I do not want my elected MP, or any other MP, who represents the residents of this country to act in this juvenile and unprofessional way.
Everyone from every political party should have the chance to speak without interruption.
Any person found to be doing this should be ejected from the house immediately.

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