Petition Petition for Noel Gallagher to have his own TV show.

The government should give Noel Gallagher his own TV show.
Examples of segments he can have on his show:
Noel Gallagher top 10 loves/hates (weekly segment)
Noel Gallagher explains macro-economic policy.
Noel Gallagher football round-up.
Noel Gallagher interviews a new teenage pop-star each week.
Noel Gallagher tour/Oasis memoirs.
He should also field questions from the audience/online viewers.
Noel Gallagher could try his hand at different genres of music. perhaps one a week.
He should also have the opportunity to perform on the acoustic guitar sitting on a stool. And he should think that this is the main reason for the show and that everyone thinks he's totally amazing.
Other: Noel Gallagher must also be allowed to drink lager and smoke cigarettes before, during and after filming.

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It was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

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