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Petition Petition the Government to stop expanding the badger cull across the country

Bovine TB is a devastating disease for farmers and cattle. However, the badger cull is proven to be unscientific Inhumane and ineffective.At a cost of £20 million pounds so far a roll out across the country can not be justified.Move away from culling and focus on cattle based measures.

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Wales have reduced incidents of bovine TB by 48% without killing a single badger.

The Randomised badger culling trials undertaken by the last government killed 11,000 badgers and proved that culling badgers will not reduce the disease

95% of the disease is spread by cattle

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MPs debate badger culling and bovine TB

On 7 September, MPs debated badger culling and bovine TB.

You can watch the debate here:

You can read the debate here:

This was a debate in Westminster Hall, the second debating chamber of the House of Commons. Dr Paul Monaghan MP successfully entered a ballot system for this debate. This is one way backbench MPs can get debates in Parliament. You can find out more about Westminster Hall debates on the Parliament website:

You can read impartial information from the House of Commons Library on badger culls in England on the Parliament website: