This petition was submitted during the 2015-2017 Conservative government

Petition We require parliament to debate Lord Kilmuir's letter to Edward Heath

In this time of the future referendum the public knowledge of the letter should be discussed because although the evidence of the letter exists the content has never been debated in parliament.

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Government responded

This response was given on 25 October 2016

The issues that this correspondence exchange raises, around Parliamentary sovereignty in relation to the EU, have been debated in Parliament many times.

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Although the letter from Lord Kilmuir to Edward Heath has never been the subject of a debate in the Houses, the issue of sovereignty in relation to the EU has been debated and discussed on numerous occasions.

For example, during the passage of the European Act in 2011 and European Union Referendum Bill in 2015, where issues of sovereignty were debated extensively.

The Government is clear that the referendum result is a mandate from the public to leave the European Union. It is a message that the majority of British people wish to see Parliament’s sovereignty strengthened. By the end of this process, when we have left the European Union, we will have put the supremacy and sovereignty of Parliament beyond doubt.

Department for Exiting the European Union