This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition To make the placing and/or using of snare traps illegal.

The use of snare traps is legal in the UK. However, this barbaric practice not only traps & kills foxes, which it is designed for, it also kills other wildlife (badgers, otters) & peoples pets too. The animal caught in a trap does not die swiftly, but is slowly (can take hours) strangled to death.

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Snare trapping involves setting a stiff but flexible steel wire in the shape of a crude noose on an animal trail. The wire is staked in the ground or attached to fence posts. When the animal goes to walk through the snare, it tightens around the animals neck & begins to strangle the animal slowly. If the animal struggles, the snare continues to tighten. One gamekeeper recounted a snare he set, was found on a dead badger over 500 yards away from original location, with fence post still attached.

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