This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Stop the BBC Internet tax (proposed extension of the TV licence to iPlayer)

As the BBC knew that online content would be free when iPlayer was launched, there is no loophole. The proposed change is the first step towards an internet tax. It would give BBC 'officers' (i.e. civilians) authority to inspect home computer equipment. This breach of Civil Rights must be stopped.

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Also, the fee is excessive for iPlayer content only. Finally, iPlayer can be used for listening to BBC radio (legitimately licence-free). Why should the government further help a multi-billion pound global media company by extending outdated coercive measures when the BBC can simply cease to offer content on demand or password protect it? Too many undemocratic decisions like this have been taken without proper consultation. Petitioners urge Parliament to reconsider extending the TV poll tax.

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