This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Law to change so credit agencies include private rental payments on credit files

There is a natural parallel between monthly rental and mortgage payments that should be recognised by c.r.a. Aiding (private rental)citizens to become home owners escaping the trap/insecurity of private rental aiding contentment optimism and happiness benefiting communities and our broader society.

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We have rented privately for 14 years, my partner a lecturer and I an artist. We have 2 children. We have paid our rent on time, in full every month of these 14 years. Each rental payment is a massive percentage of our monthly income, higher than a mortgage would demand. Still this has had no positive implication on our credit rating that has however been negatively impacted by any minimally late utility bill payments. All these years of paying excessive rental payments has only benefitted the landlords and has had no influence on our credit rating that may have allowed us to escape the trap we find ourselves in and find deserved consistency for our family.

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