This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Make cat owners responsible for their cats fouling on private property

Cat fouling on private property is not treated with the same seriousness as dogs. There has been a huge cultural shift with personal ownership of dog fouling and feel this should now be extended to cats

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Cat fouling on private property is frowned upon, but perfectly legal in the UK, whereas dogs, for example, if caught fouling in public places, would have their owner fined, if caught. Cats are allowed to foul wherever they please, while dog's excrement must be picked up and put in special bins, or cleaned if the dog did not even belong to you. Cat poo has toxins in it, and in some cases is as dangerous as dog poo. There are obvious health risks associated with this, especially to young children.
This petition stands for fines to be placed on a cat's owner if there is evidence (photographic or video) that the cat had fouled on the property. Should there be a call for cats to be kept on leads?

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