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Petition Make it compulsory to include potassium content in food labelling in the UK.

In England in 2008/09 there were 1,739,443 people aged 18 and over who were registered with CKD (stages 3-5).
According to NHS figures around 9% of the English adult population are estimated to have Chronic Kidney Disease between stage 3 and 5.

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One of the problems with CKD is that the Kidneys are unable to regulate the level of Potassium in the blood.
High potassium can cause paralysis and heart problems, your heartbeat can become irregular and you can have heart failure. If left untreated, high potassium levels can even cause your heart to stop.
The easiest way to regulate potassium in the blood is through diet, but at the moment food in the UK does not contain information about Potassium levels so it is very difficult to do this.

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