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Petition Ban the Use and Sale of Chinese Lanterns

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Most people I know are into their Wildlife, Diving and Water Sports or the Countryside in one way or another. I want to petition the Government to "Ban the use and sale of Chinese Lanterns in the UK".


Because -

Wildlife, farm animals, domestic pets, aircraft and coastguard services are affected by the use of these non essential, air born, menaces.

FARMING:- Chinese lanterns released into the air at outdoor events such as weddings are killing livestock, and setting fire to fields.

EMERGENCY SERVICES:- The UK Coastguard says it has seen a large increase in the number of rescue teams and lifeboats being called out to false alarms, because decorative Chinese lanterns are being mistaken for distress flares.

The Government needs to take action now to ban the use and sale of Chinese Lanterns.

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Mark Vinall
(Natural History Cameraman)

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