This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Strict penalties for internet providers who fail to prevent repeat IP theft.

Laws exist to protect Intellectual Property but means to enforce it can be financially unviable. Justice for all, irrelevant of budget.

Greater penalties to service providers (SPs) failing to prevent repeat infringements & ban SPs from retaining IP unless solely to prevent repeat infringements.

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Safe harbour is abused by SPs allowing repeat infringements and not banning all reported infringers. Sanctions to be made. Enact true Take Down - Stay Down! Technology exists to enact it but is not being utilised.

IPO & PIPCU to conduct an investigation into persistent offender Amazon, it's practices & take-down process.

Protect consumers from inferior & potentially dangerous products.

Make available funding for media campaigns to raise awareness of costs to IP owners and consumers.

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