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Rejected petition Keep Adam Smith on the £20 note as he is the face of modern day Economics.

As a student of economics, I have found out that if it wasn't for Adam Smith and his assumptions, all noted in his famous book the 'Wealth of Nations', everything we experience today wouldn't exist. It's all down to this one man. If anything, he deserves to continue serving the £20 note.

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Economics is more than just a school or university subject. Not only is it regarded as a 'social science', it can also be classed as 'a way of life'. If it wasn't for Adam Smith, the technology we have today simply would be non-existent. "The invisible hand is a term used by Adam Smith to describe the unintended social benefits of individual actions" - Wikipedia. The way the free market can operate in the UK today is all thanks to that one man, Adam Smith.

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