This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Postpone the EU referendum until David Cameron has negotiated an exit agreement.

It seems to be an unfair situation for the public to make such an important decision without truly knowing what an exit would cost. A strong leader should have negotiated terms for both staying in the EU and leaving. We will then be able to calculate the true cost of leaving or staying in the union.

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David Cameron spent only a short time negotiating with Europe about staying in the union. Another period of the same length should be spent negotiating terms for leaving the union. This might work in favour of the UK. Businesses would research all avenues for the best solution for them, this would help them make informed financial decisions. Recently the Conservative's published that £1 paid to the EU Equals £10 recieved. Maybe £0 paid will return £9, Nobody knows. Let's negotiate and find out.

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