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Petition Urge the Chinese government to stop the Yulin Dog Eating Festival in 2016

Thousands of dogs are tortured to death during the annual Yulin Dog Meat festival. They are skinned alive, beaten to death, burned with blowtorches and dismembered while still alive. Many dogs are stolen family pets - they still have their collars on. Yulin began in 2009, it is not 'tradition.'

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Officials have said Yulin does not exist, or that it is 'on the decline,' but the horrific pictures and press reports from 2014 and 2015 say otherwise (#stopyulin). Please sign this petition to ask the UK government to reach out to the Chinese government this year to intervene and stop this barbaric event in 2016. Sign this petition if you believe it is a matter of urgency that the UK government take this action in 2016.

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