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Petition Make the minimum hourly wage for residential & domicilary care workers £10phr.

I'm shocked and appalled at the hourly rate of pay offered by care homes. Most start at the current minimum wage of £7.20phr, it's known some pay as little as £5.00phr. The work is incredibly demanding mentally, physically and emotionally, & one which vulnerable adults rely entirely on their carers.

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Over the years there have been a number of newspaper articles chronicling the poor wages on offer to care workers. Such as in the Independent, guardian & on the bbc websites.
By paying a more realistic and professional hourly rate:
- The industry can and will attract better quality carers who will feel valued and see the job as a profession.
- Those being cared for will be getting the best carers.
- It would help reduce the number of families claiming Tax credits, to supplement their income.

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