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Petition Government to legislate and enforce a National Asbestos Register. To Save Lives!

Competent & insured surveyors will lodge asbestos reports & registers; they can then be downloaded to know the dangers instantly, thus allowing better planning, safer working & safety controls. 5000 people die in the UK of Asbestos related diseases each year. Twice as many than killed on our roads.

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5000 people die each year from Asbestos related diseases -

Any non-domestic building built before 2000 needs an Asbestos Register - it IS the LAW. Reg 4 of CAR 2012

Yet many reports 'go missing', are unavailable or do NOT exist. They should be lodged like EPC's. This would ensure safety at all levels of work; that asbestos found IS being managed by providing an easier, faster way of checking. Ensuring instant access to the most up to date report.

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