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Petition Ensure 100% broadband coverage for everyone in the UK.

Access to broadband is now a key utility, & in business relied upon as much as water, light and heat. 95% of the UK is covered by some form of broadband connection is fine; denying the remaining 5% - businesses and consumers - (mainly rural areas) is a disgrace; & is creating a two speed country.

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Approx. a million businesses & homes — mainly rural areas — will not be receiving superfast broadband by close of 2016, and for those who have poor broadband service, its ‘Universal Service Obligation’ will require homes and businesses in the 5 per cent of areas that don’t yet have fast broadband to request the service & pay for it themselves. It could take until 2020 for the connection to arrive. This petition is to fix this unjust & ensure the Government reverts to their promise 100% service.

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