This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Reaffirm and support equality and worker's rights in post-EU Britain.

Following the vote to leave the EU, it is likely that the UK will cease to be bound by EU laws, which underpin vital legal protections for British citizens.

The undersigned call upon MPs to reaffirm those acts such as the Employment Rights Act (1996) and Equality Act (2010).

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The undersigned also ask MPs to reject weakening of principles established in EU laws such as:
The Working Time Regulations,
The Pregnant Workers Directive,
The Parental Leave Directive,
The Information and Consultation of Employees Directive (adopted as the Works Council Directive in UK law),
The Equality Framework Directive,
The Race Equality Directive,
The Equal Treatment Directive,
The Insolvency Protection Directive

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