This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition To require a two-thirds majority vote for all referendums in the United Kingdom.

A referendum on a national level is meant to be a means for parliament to secure popular consent on issues that leave government divided, or when there is special need for a vote of public support.

This cannot be done when important constitutional changes are decided with a 1-5% majority.

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With turnout in referendums generally falling, the UK needs to adapt it's rules according to voting so that two-thirds majority is required. The UK needs to factor in the fact that turnout will never be 100%, and that 51% of anything less than that is not an actual majority.

A two-thirds majority vote would secure popular consent on every level referendums are held, ensuring that government would have a genuine majority to grant the decision legitimacy regardless of voter turnout.

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