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Petition A second EU referendum including EU nationals living and working in the UK

3 millions EU nationals live and work in the UK, contribute to the UK economy and social fabric, pay UK taxes. The results of the EU referendum matter a great deal to them, their (often British) spouses and children. Yet they have been effectively muzzled by voting laws. This needs to be put right.

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A similar petition was dismissed on the following grounds:
- "historical ties with Irish and Commonwealth citizens resident in the UK". There are also historical ties between the UK and the EU. The UK joined in 1961, 4 years after the Treaty of Rome (free movement of workers).
- "usual practice for referendums in other EU states". True - however at £1,000 the cost of applying for UK citizenship is out of line with other EU states (e.g. cost of applying for French citizenship = €55).

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