This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition For the UK to hold a General Election within 12 months of the EU referendum

The resigning Prime Minister, Rt Hon. David Cameron, held a referendum for the people to vote on leaving or remaining in the EU.
With the result in favour of the "Leave" campaign he announced his intention to leave his post, paving the way for an unelected Prime Minister after less than 2 years.

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Following the massive turnout in the referendum & the decision of their elected leader to leave his post, the people of the United Kingdom, deserve to elect a new Prime Minister.
This decision should not be left to the Conservative party as the country now finds itself in entirely new circumstances and any new PM chosen by them, would not be properly recognised by the public.
A General Election should be held within 12 months of the result of the E.U. Referendum (No later than 1st July 2017).

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