This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Give EU nationals living in the UK for 4 years or more automatic citizenship now

We are asking parliament give citizenship to EU migrants living in the UK for more than 4 years to:

- prevent the loss of skilled workers
- honour year long contributions into the system
- give re-assurance to over 3m EU migrants
- make sure in future all views are represented and respected

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This petition is not meant to be exclusive. Non-EU migrants have a clear set of defined rules however hence our friends are covered already and know where the road gores - WE DO NOT and need answers now from a country that has left us hanging. We represent almost 5% of the UK pubic - yet have no voice.
4 years are based on the decisions made in the re-negotiations between the UK and the EU commission in Feb 2016. This petition follows the same rational (4 years entitle to benefits for example)

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