This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Public inquiry into misleading claims and pledges made during the EU referendum.

We the undersigned call upon HM government to perform an inquiry into the pledges and claims made during the EU referendum campaign that were intended to deceive the British public.

Misrepresenting the truth to get the British public to vote one way or another is an abuse of democracy.

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The UK Statistics Authority told the Leave campaign the £350 million a week figure was misleading, Leave continued to use the figure.

The Leave campaign stated that the level of immigration is putting pressure on the NHS. Since the result a Leave MP has said that the Leave campaign wish to "control" immigration, not necessarily reduce it.

UKIP used an image on a poster showing migrants crossing the Croatia-Slovenia border, with the phrase "breaking point" to imply they were entering Britain.

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