This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition UK Cities who voted "Remain" to be granted freedom to leave the UK & join the EU

The EU Referendum should never have happened. The UK is a REPRESENTATIVE democracy ie we select and pay politicians to do the business of Government for us. A decision so momentous should not have been handed to an electorate unqualified to comprehend the magnitude of the task.

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The Referendum was about economics & trade. The media & certain politicians made it about blaming hard-working immigrants.

The EU Referendum was not supported by the educated or the young. It was not supported by the cities.

London has a bigger GDP than many states. My city, Norwich, has thriving links with Europe as does Cambridge.

We in the cities who voted to Remain in the EU see no alternative but to petition to be allowed to leave a country determined to commit economic suicide.

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