This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Rerun the EU referendum with compulsory voting and reduce the voting age to 16.

The decision to leave or remain in the EU is one that will affect every person in this country. As such this decision requires agreement from every single member of the population to ensure that we make the right choice. This includes those aged 16 -17 who were allowed their say in similar referenda

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The recent EU referendum discriminates against the youth based on the precedent of being allowed to vote at 16+ in the Scottish Referendum. There are also those who did not vote in the recent referendum who may now wish to add their voice to whether to remain or leave the EU. Considering the closeness of the result. A compulsory vote of all citizens aged 16+ is required to settle this issue once and for all with full agreement of the population as its implications affects all citizens.

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