This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Call a legally binding Euro referendum, 16+ voting age, 2-week campaign.

The non-binding referendum on UK membership of the EU resulted in a majority for 'Leave'. The consequences are becoming apparent. Since the UK has not yet triggered Clause 50, we should re-run the referendum with slightly changed rules, so that voters can decide based on the evidence at hand.

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Both sides' campaigns were unsatisfactory in providing objective information about the consequences of deciding to stay or leave. While voters accept exaggeration and distortion of facts during election campaigns, the consequences are generally short-term and reversible due to the 5-year terms of governments. For the EU referendum, however, the consequences are permanent and irreversible. A number of key 'pledges' have already been disowned by Leave campaigners, and some real-life consequences of Brexit have already become apparent. UK voters should take this information into account, and decide what they want.

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