This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Re-establish faith in the UK by making all EU regulations UK law before leaving.

The UK must demonstrate to the world that it is a beacon of international collaboration, co-operation and responsibility. We should start by enshrining into UK law all the regulations and agreements that would expire when we leave the EU, so that it takes a change of law to break an agreement.

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We need to show that we don't discard our international agreements and responsibilities lightly, while also boosting confidence that things remain as they are now unless Parliament decides otherwise. We should adopt into law a presumption that each of our international commitments will remain in effect unless a new law is passed to revoke it. We don't want to throw out the good rules with the bad, and we should properly debate each rule we want to get rid of, and know which rules will go, when.

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