This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Give free British citizenship to EU immigrants working in the UK over 5 years.

The U.K. is demonstrating a hostile feeling towards all immigrants.And now we are a population that feel openly ostracised,voiceless,discriminated against and unwelcome. We need clear evidence that we are wanted and welcome in this country and proof that we are an integral part of the U.K.'s future.

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The leaders of this country have a lot to answer to Immigrants for now.What's in it for us now that we are out of the EU and living in the UK? Besides xenophobia and ostracisation? What certainties are there for immigrants' future as members of this society and how are we clearly a part of the strategy for a United Kingdom that no longer abides by the laws and regulations of the EU. Giving us British citizenship will be the only true way immigrants will feel included and part of the U.K. again.

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