This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition No public funding for Tottenham Hotspurs' planned redevelopment

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This petition calls on the Government to prevent any central or local public money being used to support Tottenham Hotspurs' redevelopment of its football ground. Tottenham Hotspurs is a commercial concern which receives many hundreds of £millions each year enabling its owners to purchase players for tens of £millions of pounds and pay them of £millions of pounds. None of this expenditure stays in the community. This is not a company short of money, assets or the ability to raise funds commercially.
Normally when a company wishes to develop land it pays the local council to build the necessary infrastructure. Public money should not be used to support this private company nor special terms be offered.
There are many better uses for public money that does not include a rarely used stadium and associated infrastructure.
Support public spending on health, housing, and education for the community in Tottenham not this needless and blind free gift to a commercial company.

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