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Petition No bonuses for British Waterways directors

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British Waterways employees were denied a pay rise last year due to 'lack of funds'.
This year some staff were awarded a £200 PA rise and were told that there was no more money to offer.

It was recently announced that as there would be a 9 Million Pound defecit at the end of this financial year the Directors of British Waterways will be paid lump sum bonuses of up to £15,000 this year.

The Chief Executive (Robin Evans) will get a £15,000 payment on top of his annual wage of £222,000.
Other Directors will all receive a £12,500 lump sum payment.
The bonuses equate to one third of the whole pay pot for 0.5% of BW staff compared to two thirds of the pot being shared between 99.5% of the staff.

The signatories of this petition believe that the government should intervene and stop these bonus payments and the money should be spent on waterway maintenance instead.

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