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Petition Teach Creationism and Evolution

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Teach the theory of evolution and creationism (intelligent design) in school and give our children a choice. We are a christian country, or at least we used to be but the moral and ethical bounderies of society are being pushed farther away with each generation and I believe this is because people are being force fed the theory of evolution in their school years. If you tell people their an animal, they'll behave like an animal. If you tell people there's no God and they believe you, they'll behave like a criminal who is exempt from prison. So teach our children both, let them decide what to believe. You simply cannot support the theory of evolution and then bad mouth intelligent design, it makes you no better than an extremist islamic cleric who radicalizes young muslims. Make it mandatory for school children to learn both theories, so they can make an informed decision on their own.

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