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Petition Prior to invoking Article 50 UK Gov should renegotiate EU reform & hold 2nd Ref

The UK Gov to work alongside EU Gov's & the EU Comm to Reform EU Treaties prior to invoking Article 50 and then put a second IN/OUT Referendum to the UK electorate on the basis of delivering material change since the 1st Referendum. This is the pragmatic way forward and will keep the Union intact.

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It is clear that the UK OUT vote has sent shock waves across Europe and that the Euro Politicians are now coming to terms that they will need to be open to renegotiation and reform whereas previously they were complacent & intransient particularly as they face similar Eurosceptism and calls for similar IN/OUT referendums from their own electorate as things stand. It is time for Europe to reform and it is time for the UK to lead these discussions now that the European elite are in listening mode.

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