This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Public apology of UK Government to EU immigrants

We EU immigrants are hardworking people who want to contribute to the community and we refuse to be portrayed in demeaning light as scroungers.
We come to work here and pay our taxes. We contribute a huge amount to the UK. We do pay in more than we take out.

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We are being defined as a 'problem', or 'crisis', with bigotry being stoked up against, and as EU citizens living here being denied a voice.
Xenophobia and racism been raised by the referendum campaign which is pulling out hidden hatreds all over the country towards EU immigrants and have a negative effect on our lives. It fuelled race-based discrimination.
We demand public apology of UK Government and recognize us as British citizens to stop a torrent of racism unleashed by EU referendum.

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