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Petition If circumstances call for a second EU referendum, voting should be compulsory.

If another referendum happens but with a similar, or worse, lower turnout - what validates the second result anymore than the first result?
Australia uses compulsory voting every general election as it delivers a strong mandate for government. 100% turnout would ensure public respect for results.

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As there is already an £80 fine in place for failing to register on the electoral roll, an £80 for failing to turn up to vote is not much of a further stretch.

Voters remain free to spoil ballots, or not mark a preference, as a form of protest voting - they simply have to turn up.

We have a few months before David Cameron resigns and athe least a year or so before we REALLY leave the EU. So many have expressed regret for voting out.. the future is still salvageable, but we have to act fast.

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