This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Ensure that all bureaucrats involved in EU exit talks are elected non-experts

The British people have demonstrated their desire to free themselves from government by unelected bureaucrats and so-called experts.
The will of the people must be respected: all those involved in EU exit negotiations should have no expertise and should be elected directly to the role.

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Much of the campaign to leave the EU focused on our lives being run by unelected bureaucrats and the 'misinformation' provided by experts. The massive 3.8% majority for leave in the referendum is a clear mandate to end the negative influence of unelected bureaucrats and experts.
Anyone involved in EU exit talks should be directly elected. Given the timeframe of the negotiations, their terms of office should be for 8 months, allowing us to assess their performance and get rid of them if need be.

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