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Petition Vote under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act for a general election in 2018.

We will soon begin exit negotiations with the EU. It is essential that the British people be given a chance to vote on Brexit again, on an informed basis, once the terms of exit are known. In the referendum, we had to vote on the basis of contradictory predictions by the Leave and Remain campaigns.

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Under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, an election can only be held before May 2020 if a vote of No Confidence in the government is passed or if at least 434 MPs vote for an early election. The decision no longer rests with the Prime Minister.
The EU Article 50 process cannot, in theory, be stopped once it has begun. However, in political terms, if the UK elected a government committed to remaining in the EU, it is highly probable that the EU would find a way to secure its continued membership.

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