This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Call EU suplementary Referendum for UK permanent residents without UKcitizenship

We the undersigned call upon the Westminster Parliament to implement the law on which basis all residents who have lived in the UK five years or longer should be allowed to vote in referendums. We call furthemore upon HM Government to call suplementary EU Referendum for this unrepresented residents.

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According to Office for National Statistics the latest release in 2014 estimate figure was 64.6 milions overall population in UK. Overview of the UK population from February 2016 showed that estimated population in mid-year of 2016 should be 65.52 milions. The population eligible to vote in last EU referendum in UK was 46.50 milions and that mean that about 20 milions (one third of all UK population) in June 2016 was efectively prevented from exercising their universal human right to vote.

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