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Petition Call a General Election in 2017. Brexit needs a plan with an electoral mandate.

A referendum vote to leave and "take our freedom back" is not a plan - its a protest. We need a plan on how we leave and what we do next.
This plan should have an electoral mandate from us all - Brexiteers and Remainers alike.
That is the only way to can build a new unity and a strong future.

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We need three things ASAP:
1. The parties (old guard, and maybe new?) should propose their Brexit plan.
2. A General Election should be called soon - ideally Spring 2017.
3. The plan people want most will receive a proper mandate.
We can make something good happen. We will have to look beyond our party allegiances to do so. Please get stuck in. Share, like, petition, .... or come up with something better than this.

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