This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Demand MPs to hold an anonymous poll on the EU Referendum (Stay/Leave)

MPs need to have their say on the EU Referendum led by their conscience to do the best for Britain. First, it is better to hold an anonymous poll so that MPs are not influenced by career ambitions of being re-elected (support their electoral area outcome even if they are fundamentally against it).

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The EU Referendum had an advisory role. The outcome was compromised by misleading information from the Leave campaign, topics included: NHS, immigration, free movement and the cost of the UK’s EU membership. Millions of people didn't know what they voted for.
This anonymous poll is designed to help MPs understand where they stand and proceed accordingly as the period of uncertainty is unquestionably bad for the economy.
MPs are required to vote in Britain's best interest by law.

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