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Rejected petition The EU Ref not'legally binding'.Parliament is Sovereign and free to overturn.

Result of 51.9% to 48.1% for leaving EU means People are very divided.Two of UKs four nations voted to 'Remain' in EU which will raise constitutional and wider issues. The debate from 'Leave' side was full of misrepresentation and deception. People who voted Leave did so on false promises.

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There is clear evidence that the people voted for 'Leave' in the Referendum did so on a range of falsehoods and misrepresentation of facts.
Consequently people voted to leave on a number of false promises that will never be delivered. Such false promises will make them more marginalised and angry.
Clear evidence that in such a situation people voted based on a range of concerns unrelated to the EU.
Parliament is Sovereign and has a constitutional duty to protect the interest of the people of UK

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