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Petition Hold a Referendum on key Brexit deals BEFORE giving Article 50 notice

There is no democracy without informed consent. Voters did not know before 23 June the terms on which we would leave the EU, the global trade deals which would be done or our immigration policy following Brexit. These must be agreed and voted on BEFORE we give irrevocable Art 50 notice to leave.

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Article 50 is a one way street. Once it gives one, that state must leave the EU after 2 years (or more if the remaining 27 agree). We do not need to give notice until we KNOW that the terms we would have (both with the EU and the rest of the world) would be better outside than inside the EU.

We should promptly negotiate with the EU and others and put these deals to the electorate. Only if the electorate votes in favour should we leave. A statute should stop notice being given otherwise.

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