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Petition Hold a Final EU Referendum

A vote to Leave the EU on 23/6 was a false choice, for the terms of exit were unknown. Hold a Final EU Referendum giving electors a vote (transferable to second preference) from three clear choices:

• Leave with control of EU immigration
• Leave with EU single market access
• Remain in EU

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The terms of a potential UK exit from the EU had not been addressed at the time of the 23 June 2016 referendum. Consequently, many who voted to Leave were not aware that the UK would have to choose between control of immigration from the EU and continued access to the EU single market. Leave voters are entitled to full disclosure of the necessary abandonment of one or the other of these core Leave aims.

The electorate should be given the chance to express first and second preferences from three choices: the two Leave alternatives and to Remain. Votes for the least favoured alternative would be transferred to second preferences.

This Final EU Referendum would provide the fairest and most democratic expression of public will to the government to guide its negotiations with the EU.

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