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Petition Flight safety and pilot fatigue

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We believe the UK Government has a duty to promote flight safety and protect the British public from unsafe rules and practices in aviation.

We believe that the EU’s current proposals on pilots’ Flight Time Limitations, which are supposed to guard against pilot fatigue, are commercially-driven and scientifically-unsound.

Under the EU proposals, tiredness could impair pilots’ abilities to the same extent as flying with several times the legal blood alcohol limit.

We note that the US FAA, will be publishing its own fatigue rules soon which will strengthen flight safety regulations, not relax them as the EU proposals do.

We call on the UK Government to stand up for flight safety and publically announce it will oppose EASA’s current proposals (NPA 2010-14), use its influence to persuade other Member States of that position and work to bring EU flight safety regulations up to the ‘gold standard’ of aviation safety we have here in the UK.

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