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Rumours, leaked documents, and political debate EVERYWHERE suggests there is a very good likelihood that significant parts of the NHS will be privatised. This is a VERY bad idea.

Equality of healthcare for everyone in the UK, not just the wealthy means that a company run for profit cannot, by definition, have the interests of the sick and unhealthy as its primary goal. It is a simple matter of profit versus people.

The government must be reminded that its job is to look after the interests of the public that voted it in and NOT shareholders.

The government must guarantee to keep the interests of the British people as its primary goal and maintain control of the NHS in its entirety in the hands of the British Public.

Don't let corporations and industry profit from the NATIONAL health service created and paid for out of the British taxpayers pockets. We didn't build the system for shareholders to turn up and appropriate purely to enhance their portfolio's.

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