This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Immediately raise the minimum wage by 10% to counteract the slump in the pound

People on minimum wage - especially those like myself aged between 18 and 21 - struggled to make ends meet as things were. With all imported products risen in price by 10% due to the slump in the pound, we need some support. We the undersigned call on the government to raise NMW by 10%.

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Due to the result of the EU referendum, the pound has dropped by more than 10% against the euro and dollar, increasing the price of all imported goods. It is forecast to drop further. This affects those on lower wages a considerable amount. As I am currently being paid £5.30 an hour, any increase in costs could make me unable to support myself. I fear that I may fall into debt and/or become a burden on the state - this is not something I would like to happen to myself or others in my position.

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