This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Referendums must be clearly won AND not disenfranchise relevant constituents.

Issues important enough to create referendums should not be won by a simple majority, a clear mandate is required.
Voter Turnout >75% wins with >60%,
Voter Turnout <50% wins with >75% with a sliding scale in between.
AND British Ex-Pats should not be excluded on international issues.

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This petition is only meant to affect future referendums including but not exclusive to a 2nd EU referendum.
Many on both sides of the recent campaign called for the argument to be clearly won, before and after the vote. Uncertainty, resentment and protest vote factors could be minimized by more definitive results.
Also, more than 2 million British Ex-pats were denied the vote despite life changing implications for them and the intentions of the Queen’s Speech of May 2015 Votes For Life Bill.

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